The Luckiest Mom Journal
This is the ONLY Mom Journal of it's type that will revolutionize how you become inspired, gain support and share encouragement.

Hi Mom! I made this with you in mind and I am excited that you get to really experience the awesomeness and blessing that this journal has had in my life. 

This journal is for you if you have ever:
  • Suffered from MOM GUILT
  • Searched for ways to stay motivated - only to find them to hardly work, if at all!
  • Looked for a way to revolutionize your "Momming skills"
  • Wanted to have a deep lasting impression on your kiddos, husband and family
I created the Luckiest Mom Journal to be more than just a journal for you. I created it first to help give you something to keep track of a few simple metrics - gratitude, thoughts and personal life lessons. These are important to write down, learn from and then in turn teach to others.  

(This 90 day Luckiest Mom accountability journal will help you through every day, and I'll be there to coach you through the challenges and provide insights on life lessons. And hey, if you miss a day, that's ok! Pick up where you left off:) )

There are so many great things about this journal, I can't wait for you to experience this journey with me:) I'm going to share with you the framework that I use on a daily basis to find greater purpose in my mom-life, personal life and social life (that still exists after "Momming", I promise!) 

See you on the inside!


You are now joining the Tribe of Luckiest Mom's all over the world!

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